la jolla

Why do so many people want to live in La Jolla California?  Why are the houses for sale in La Jolla in such demand and one of the most popular destinations in all of San Diego County?  It's probably because of the beaches, restaurants, shopping, weather and people.
If you are looking to buy a house in this great city, you have many different choices - all of which are spectacular.  Condo/townhome prices range from around $250,000 to $3,500,000 depending on size, location and condition.  Most of the condos and townhomes can be found within a few miles of the ocean.  For those buyers who are looking for luxurious beachfront homes, there are plenty to choose from.  Prices for these houses range from $2,000,000 to over $10,000,000.  I've been through several of these homes over the past 10 years and they are spectacular.  Most have ocean views and are located close enough to the beach that you can either walk or ride a bike.
Some great neighborhoods/subdivisions in the area include....
1.              La Jolla Farms
2.              La Jolla Shores
3.              La Jolla Heights
4.              La Jolla North
5.              La Jolla Village
6.              Soledad South
7.              Muirlands
8.              Bird Rock
If you are lucky enough to purchase a house in La Jolla, you will also get to enjoy, aside from the year round beaches, the fine dining and upscale shopping.
La Jolla favorites...
1.              George's at the Cove
2.              La Dolce Vita Ristorante
3.              Royal Thai Cuisine
4.              The Marine Room
5.              The Shores Restaurant
6.              Trattoria Aqua (been here several times-great place and atmosphere)
At its northernmost point, fortified by 300-foot sea cliffs, is Blacks Beach.  Blacks Beach is very isolated and is a favorite of those who prefer not to wear bathing suits.
The Shore is a mile long beach that attracts all types of beach goers.  La Jolla Shores Beach is a long, wide beach with soft sand, clean water and gentle waves.  It is an ideal spot for families, sunbathers and beginner surfers.  By day, the main beach is a busy swimming area popular among all types of families who set up elaborate base camps on the grassy park, while the children play in the shallow water.  At night it's alive with the glow of beach fires and the city lights.
The Cove, with its Mediterranean backdrop, is among San Diego's most sheltered and desirable swimming, snorkeling and diving spots.  The water is calm and protected and is home to home for colorful garibaldi, yellowtail, rays and even leopard sharks.  
The reefs southward around Windansea and Birdrock are among its most exposed. Here you will enjoy underwater reefs and nice size waves.  
At the Children's Pool you can always find a few harbor seals lying on the beach.
The south part of the coast is largely shielded by the bay, and is used as training grounds by scores of scuba diving students.  Small boats can be launched directly into the sea from the end of Avenida De La Playa, and a block or two up the same road are shops that you can rent you a kayak or fill your scuba tank.
The Tennis Club comprises the southernmost end of La Jolla Shores Beach.  The club is private property but the beach itself is public.
If you are looking for some of the most luxurious ocean view homes in the world, luxurious shops, great beaches and fine dining, look no further - La Jolla is your destination.