Spring is here, so that means termites.   It's time to worry about what they can do to your home.  No matter if you are buying a home or currently own a home and haven't had a termite inspector out to your house in 5 years, my suggestion is you call them right now.  For a small fee, or sometimes at no cost, they can come out and in a manner of minutes, let you know if your home has termites.

There has been a reported uptick in termite swarms in the region (because of all the rain and warm weather).   There are two kinds of termites here in San Diego County.  There are Drywood Termites, the type where you have to put tent over your house for a few days, and the other type live in the ground and build mud tunnels inside the sturcture, e.g. the walls and attics.  These types of termites are called subterranean termites and are often treated with liquid and baits.

Below are some frequently asked questions from the current and past clients.

   1.  How much does it cost to get rid of them?  Depending on the damage I've seen, between $0 and $10,000.
   2. When is termite season?  Spring.
   3. What kind of damage can they do?   Thousands of dollars in damage.  I've seen most of the outside wood of a house ruined because of these nasty critters.  Subterrainian termites can do enormous amounts of damge.  You litterly can't see the damage they are doing until it maybe too late.  You may see some outwards signs such as swarms and mud tubes - which look like dirt colored shoe strings.  You can find them in the base molding, crown molding and electrical switches.

If you are thinking about the following, looking at homes for sale in San Diego County or you currently own a home, make the call, I'm going to.
It's always better to spend the money and kill them, then let them destroy and kill your house!