fiesta island

Fiesta Island is a large, man-made island located in Mission Bay.  Located only a few minutes from Mission Valley, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Point Loma and Ocean Beach.  This island is uninhabited except for camping activities at the Fiesta Island Youth Aquatic Center, which happens to be the only development on the island.  Every year, this Island is host to the ever-popular Over the Line tournament, walks, runs, bicycle races, time trials and other special events.

Surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, this island is very popular with water enthusiasts during the summer months.  However, any time of the year you will see bicyclists riding around the 5.2 mile one-way, narrow paved street that circles the island.

When visiting the beaches, you would typically park your RV, camper, cars or bikes on the sand near the road itself.  The beaches on Fiesta Island are much wider along the eastern shore.  There are bonfire rings around the shoreline which makes it convenient for the families who wish to spend a day at the Island.

Fiesta Island is also a very popular spot for recreational water sports, such as boating and jet skiing. Small boats can be launched from almost any part of the shoreline.  Keep in mind, there are no boat ramps for larger boats.  There is also a designated area for water skiing in Hidden Cove.  Before water skiing, you must first obtain a permit from a Lifeguard at their headquarters at 2581 Quivera Court.

One of the most popular features of this Island is the Fiesta Island Dog Run, located on the southwestern section of the Island, where dogs are allowed to run unleashed.  This is the largest leash-free beach for dogs in San Diego.  

This fenced in 97-acre area has three gates which are accessible from the paved road.  The dog park is made up of several sandy dunes and is secluded away from the rest of Mission Bay Park (very close to Mission Beach).  Please know there are very few trees that offer shade at the Fiesta Island Dog Run.  And always remember to bring water….. for YOU and your best friend!