Valley Center, CA

Valley Center (92082) is a community in constant transition from a small rural town to a suburban "bedroom" community.  Its located nine miles from Escondido, less than 40 miles from Downtown San Diego, and is situated east of the Interstate 15.

valley center real estate agentSome changes in the community can be attributed to the expansion of Indian casinos in the area. Currently there are two major casinos in the vicinity of Valley Center which opened in 2001-2002.  Harrah's Rincon and Valley View have brought jobs and traffic to this community, which was once considered an out of the way agricultural town.  Although Valley Center is more populated than in years past, there are still no big shopping malls in the community so they residents simply find what they need in their local stores or drive the 10 miles to Escondido for “major” shopping.   Either way, it seems to work for them.valley center houses for sale

Valley Center is a community for all.  In fact, it was once the home of several well-known old-time actors/actresses such as married couple June Allison and Dick Powell, Fred Astaire, John “The Duke” Wayne, Jack Haley (the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz), and Gary Cooper.   Maybe someday soon YOU will call it home too. 


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