Kensington in San Diego, CA

Kensington houses (92116) are located in a well-established, upscale neighborhood in Central San Diego with adjacent communities being Normal Heights to the west, Talmadge to the East and City Heights to the South. Kensington houses have easy access to freeways so living in this community is convenient for those who travel for work or pleasure.  Interstate 15 is to the East, Interstate 8 is North and the 5 to the West.

kensignton real estate agentKensington is named for a borough in London, England and in fact, many of the streets in this neighborhood are from English origin.  This community is known for its beautiful Spanish-tiled cottage style homes.  The quiet winding streets of Kensington’s residential neighborhoods are filled with immaculate lawns and landscaping.

Kensington is one of the three mid-city urban neighborhoods whose main thoroughfare is Adams Ave. Like its fellow neighborhoods, it is distinguished by the classic neon "Kensington" sign that spans Adams Ave.  Along this main street, you’ll find restaurants, neighborhood banks, dry cleaners, coffee houses, a liquor store, etc., basically all the essentials you look for in any neighborhood.  There’s also a Kensington/Normal Heights Branch Library.

The regionally famous Landmark Ken Theatre is located on Adams Avenue as well.  This popular “Art Theatre” is not where you’d find the mainstream films; instead, you’ll enjoy  documentaries and foreign films with very limited Idependent films.  On the third Saturday of every month at midnight, you’ll find a showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with a high percentage of the audience in costume as well. kensington homes for sale

Also on Adams Avenue is a very unique neighborhood eatery called the Kensington Grill.  For the past 16 years, it has grown into one of San Diego’s favorite upscale casual dining spots.  It’s proud to serve “New American” cuisine, where anyone can find something that meets their taste.  

So if you’re looking to lay down your roots in a quiet, upscale community, try looking at the Kensington houses for sale.  It’s a peaceful pocket amid the hubbub of the inner city.

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